Source: Huffington Post

U.S. homeowners on average spent $28,030 to remodel their kitchens over the last five years, with costs varying widely at different budget levels. Nationwide, the average cost for a high-end kitchen was $54,942, $22,390 for a mid-range kitchen, and $7,133 for a lower-budget kitchen. Regionally, homeowners in the East South Central part of the country spent the least on their kitchen remodels (average of $19,981) while New Englanders spent the most at $35,678 on average. These numbers varied widely by market, too — the average cost for a high-end kitchen in Washington, DC was $89,444 while a high-end kitchen in Oklahoma City, OK averaged $33,160. The average cost for a mid-range kitchen in San Francisco was $35,744 while in Jackson, MS homeowners spent $12,517 on average for a mid-range kitchen.

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