The Remodeling Process

Familiarize yourself with the design and construction process and building permit requirements. Read tips on the best way to work with your contractor.

Remodeling Tools, Checklists & Templates

Managing a home remodel is a complicated and time consuming process. These tools can save you time and money by helping you plan, screen contractors and architects, organize your shopping schedule and put together your final punch list items.  

Electrical Wiring Upgrades for your house

Because much of your electrical infrastructure is hidden behind the walls, it can be easy to overlook when planning a remodel. Consider home electrical wiring upgrades alongside all the other items on your list. (See Renovation Planning Checklist to help you create your complete list.) When completing a remodel that involves opening walls and ceilings for

The Design Process

Once you have selected your architect and signed the contract, the architect will take you through various stages of the design process. Based on conversations with you and an evaluation of your home, your architect will begin to draft concept designs to represent ideas that you have discussed and confirm that you’re both on the same

Design Review and Building Permits

Most home improvement projects require a building permit.  Your city will follow your state’s building codes and regulations, as well as any city specific ones. The city building department has the responsibility of enforcing the city’s standards for home construction, as well as ensuring that safety requirements are met. It may be tempting to proceed

Tips For Working With Your Contractor

When selecting a contractor, hopefully you completed a thorough screening process and found someone you can trust. This person now has the fate of your remodel in his hands. Here are some tips for a smooth working relationship: For more tips on working with contractors, visit Service Magic and houzz Living in your home during your

Living in your house during your remodel

Living in the home during the remodel has some obvious advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, you can see the progress (or any lack of progress) every day, and you can catch any issues early. On the downside, you have to live through the inconvenience every day until the project is complete. Here are

Remodel Punch List & Template

At this point you’ve made countless decisions, it’s all coming together, and you can hardly wait another moment for all of it to be over. But after all the time and money you spent, you want it to be perfect. The Punch List is the final review of your remodel to make sure everything is