interview questions to ask a contractorWhen interviewing contractors it can be helpful to have a list of questions prepared in advance. Here are 15 interview questions to ask a contractor, which you can click below to download. If you ask mostly the same questions to all candidates, you can compare them more easily. You may not choose to ask all of the questions below, but this will offer a good baseline of questions.



Interview questions to ask a contractor

  1. Are you licensed? What is your license number? How long have you been in business under your current business name?
  2. Do you carry worker’s compensation and general liability insurance?
  3. How long have you been practicing as a General Contractor?
  4. Did you begin your career in a particular specialty?
  5. Tell me about your experience managing projects similar to mine.
  6. Do you give written warranties?
  7. How do you handle the permit process? Have you worked with the city of ____ before?
  8. How familiar are you with the local city building codes?
  9. How long do you think this project will take?
  10. How often do projects get behind schedule? What are the primary causes?
  11. As far as you know, do you typically price projects above average, below average, or at average?
  12. How often do projects go over budget? What are the primary causes?
  13. How often would you be at our job site? Would you designate a foreman to manage any of the process?
  14. How do you like to communicate with your clients? How often do you anticipate that we would talk/email or meet in person?
  15. Can you provide me with a list of references that I can call? Are there any local projects I could look at to see examples of your work?


Date your notes and keep them for reference as a measure of protection, in case things don’t work out the way you were told they would.

Download a Word doc of these questions here.