The kitchen is a feature and focal point of many homes. It’s a place to enjoy delicious food, take pride in culinary achievements, and spend time with family and friends. Are you happy with your kitchen? Whether for personal use or for increasing home value, kitchen remodeling projects are some of the most common home renovations.
Luxury kitchen with white cabinetry

How much does it cost?

The cost of kitchen remodeling can vary greatly, from minor cosmetic improvements to a major kitchen overhaul. The 2013 Houzz & Home Survey tells us that over the last five years, U.S. survey participants spent an average of $28,030 on their kitchen remodels.

Homeowners spent an average of $54,942 nationwide for a high-end kitchen, $22,390 for a mid-range kitchen, and $7,133 for a lower-budget kitchen.

For some more concrete examples of cost, Zillow also offers filtered images with detailed cost estimates.

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How much is worth spending?

For the most part, no remodeling effort gives you back more than what you put into it in terms increased home value. The most cost effective improvements for home resale are the cosmetic ones. Still, to make your home attractive to potential buyers it should have comparable features to others in your neighborhood, or be priced accordingly.

The Remodeling’s 2013 Cost vs Value Report shows us that a major kitchen remodel can expect about 68.9% of the cost recouped in additional home value. A minor kitchen remodel has a better return at 75.4% of cost recouped. The numbers are based on a national average cost of $53,931 for a 200 square foot major kitchen remodel and a cost of $18,527 for the same size minor remodel. The report also shows numbers by regional data and by some specific metropolitan areas.

KitchenWhat do you want your kitchen to look like?

If you’re planning to live in your home for many years to come, resale value is only one factor. The other is upgrading your kitchen to make it work for you. Are you planning to just update the look and get new appliances, or go for a complete floor to ceiling rebuild with a new layout?

kitchen remodeling checklist

A kitchen has so many components to consider, it’s easy to forget some of them when budgeting for the remodel.

Go through this checklist to identify all of the upgrades you want to make. (click image to download)


For some creative inspiration on your kitchen remodeling, explore the over 400,000 kitchen design photos on Houzz.

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